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Kombucha SCOBY (U.S. and Canada)

Save big $ by brewing at home!


*Price includes shipping throughout the continental U.S.*



  • 4 ounce (113 g) organic kombucha culture, aka a SCOBY
  • n

  • 8 ounces (225 ml) starter liquid (mature kombucha)
  • n

  • Kombucha Recipe card
  • n

  • Ships live and fresh– NEVER dehdyrated
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nHelps you make your first gallon of kombucha.nn


Are you in Canada? Habitez-vous au Canada?

nFor our Canadian fermenters, we recommend getting your cultures from Fermentation Revolution (we are an affiliate and earn commissions when you purchase with this link).nnPour nos amis Canadiens, nous recommandons acheter les SCOBYs et autres cultures de Fermentation Revolution ici (nous gagnons un commission quand on clique cette link).

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