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Hello! I am outgoing, hungry for knowledge, passionate, and I pursue many interests! I consider myself a yogi (yoga teacher), foodie, philosopher (i.e. truth seeker), and a critical thinker. Professionally I teach people about food fermentation. Lately I find myself enamored by nature and natural things.

I am blessed to have space for an urban garden where I live, where I have been learning to grow food. I reckon I now grow about 10-15% of my calories. Here I created my own school of Nature where I can study, observe, and experiment with how plants, animals, microbes, air, earth, and water all interact. I got some backyard chickens (the “Golden Girls”), and I took my first permaculture design course this year, and it blew my mind!

It’s been four months since I quit alcohol and cannabis. Has some emotional stuff come up since quitting? You betcha!! (and that is really the point!) I occasionally partake in entheogenic plant and fungal medicines (ceremonially), but have not felt called to them for a while. I have no judgment of others who partake, although I love how Graham Hancock puts it: “Alcohol is the least interesting intoxicant.” Here, here!

My vision for how and where I want to live is to be tending a few acres with a small family, in a tight-knit small rural community, growing most of our own food, building soil and food forests, creating surplus to share with each other, writing books and teaching and inspiring others who are caught up in the utterly unsustainable Western way of life (i.e. fake money, fake medicine, false narratives, false flags, fake science, reductionism, crass materialism, etc.)

~Nov. 2021