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001. How to Defeat the Destroyers

It occurred to me recently, that the dark forces which seek to enslave and or destroy the majority of humans and humanity, can be thought of as a manifested disease of the human body. If we consider humanity as a single Body (I will henceforth capitalize it to distinguish from other uses of the word), then it is evident that it is currently in a deeply infected, deeply inflamed state. Every institution (Bodily organ) has been infected. To use an allopathic medical metaphor, humanity is likely exhibiting or near stage 4 cancer.

How shall the Body respond to all this toxicity? What is the protocol for healing?

In order to develop a strategy and tactics for stopping the disease, and then reversing its damage and ultimately healing, why not look to the genius of our bodies for guidance and an approach on how Life heals?

In this series, I will purposely postpone any metaphysical analysis for as long as I can, to see if we can achieve our goal simply employing Nature’s prima facie genius, and also not to bog us down in questioning why this is happening.

I hypothesize that the mechanisms that govern a healthy body (or any Life form, whose nature is to be well and whole) and how it responds, also apply to the Body. We can observe how the body restores wholeness, and apply these tactics practically, defeating disease and restoring health to the Body.

I will take this metaphor as far as possible, not knowing yet if it will ultimately bear out. One of my concerns about the metaphor, is the pesky fact that we are “conscious”, self-aware beings. Does this somehow limit the applicability of the body-Body metaphor? I don’t think so. What we call consciousness may simply be our unique human expression of a more universal phenomenon. Form, after all, follows energy. The fascinating work on morphogenetic fields, the energetic scaffolding that animates all life, presupposes that a specific electromagnetic field precedes a particular form. This may very well provide an explanation of what we call “consciousness”. All life is governed by these fields, and therefore exists everywhere, not just within we special humans.

Ultimately, I think the metaphor will bear out, however, because Nature loves to work and express in patterns. Why wouldn’t humanity be expressed as a pattern, just like what we see in infinitely large and infinitely small scale everywhere in Nature (known as dynamic symmetry or scale invariance)? As we each have a unique microbiome of trillions of bacteria and fungi in and on our bodies, are we not also a species, a microbiome inhabiting a much larger body (the Earth)?

It seems difficult to imagine why (oops, already broke my own rule) certain cells (i.e. individual people) in the Body would actively seek to self-annihilate, creating the havoc that is plaguing we the Body. But, perhaps it isn’t difficult, when we can observe an analogous force in life and Nature (isn’t that the common understanding of “cancer”, cells programmed to run amok?)

Even if I am drawing big abstract circles while setting the stage, I do wish to focus in on the actual mechanisms of healing, in hopes to be able to draw parallels to practical tactics that can be used in the real world which mimic these healing mechanisms. And I wish to attempt this healing using only holistic modalities, and assuming the terrain theory of healing), rather than the obsolete and misleading germ theory and its allopathic whack-a-mole approach to disease. Talk about meta-, eh?

At times, I feel that I must use the language of war, because it is practical in terms of creating tactics to beat back the enemy. We are very much under attack and have been at war for quite a few generations. (Depending on whom we cite, e.g. it’s Icke’s Sabbateans, or Clif High’s Khazarians, Jordan Maxwell’s Jesuits, it could be anywhere from centuries to millenia that humanity has been under siege).

Here we go!

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