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Today, I stopped judging myself for not growing skyward, at least not at the pace I had in mind. As I pondered and admired a tree, I realized that growth happens in all directions simultaneously, for all beings. I have been evolving all along.

Building soil, growing food, composting, wanting to “plant roots” and find my permanent land. I’ve been lying on the earth more than usual. I’m enamored with the word vibrant. Increased appetite (thereby creating more “earth”). all point toward an earthward, grounding direction of my journey.

Resonating with the earth’s vibratory frequency, Mesmerized by water’s feminine quality, Reconciling with the Mother,

proving myself
proving to myself
proving my Self
proving my self-worth
proving myself worthy

Seducing the divine feminine force. Demonstrating beyond all doubt that I make a good husband.

The little carrier-pigeon note attached to the leg of every molecule of my being:

I am here to Love.

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